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Spiritual Synchronicity

Spiritual Synchronicity
Church of the Gardens is a non-traditional, “Alternative” or “Augmenting” church. We are an organiza
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Experience at the Courthouse. Avery Hufford
July 5, 2017
  I have been working for an attorney for sometime now and have made a few appearances in court with him. This most recent time around I had an opportunity to go in alone because the...
Purpose of Churches By Avery Hufford
March 9, 2017
When facing a problem in our world we attempt to solve these issues as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, this can be a struggle. Many issues can be complex and get out-of-hand for the
What is going on in Seattle
February 24, 2017
As an advocate for the local community, My regional perimeter is quite large. I go all the way down to Olympia to do work, and I am no stranger to Seattle (where I worked for 3 years) which ...

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