Purpose of Churches By Avery Hufford

When facing a problem in our world we attempt to solve these issues as efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, this can be a struggle. Many issues can be complex and get out-of-hand for the average person. This produces cynicism in people when they start to feel that they can’t effectively make changes in their world and the immediate things around them. Corporations, non-profits, businesses, government, and family can all become this way. In our modern world, we have a tendency to view only the darkest aspects of old traditions especially ones of a religious nature. I am not going to pretend that churches of the very old days (pre-renaissance) had a “grassroots” congregation or that they approached anything humanitarian. Many churches dominated and instructed the people how to live. Post-renaissance things started to change, and churches roles began to be different. Nowadays and before in the 20th century, churches (especially those in the United States) acted and still act in an organizing manner for people in the local areas. Many differing kinds of philanthropy and community work are accomplished via churches and other religious areas of worship.

Churches are now a great way to make grassroots change. When other institutions become difficult or don’t make the change we wish to see, it depends on the individual to do this. This is how we want to act for the community. To make the community feel like they can act in an appropriate manner to make change. Empowering spiritual and religious organizations can enhance this. Today’s spiritual organizations in America have acted better at hearing their congregation and helping the youth accomplish the things they want. I think with how we recognize spiritual organizations in our nation this is a positive and empowering thing and should not be undermined. Hopefully the Church of the Gardens can act in this manner.

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