Church Advocate

Scott Erik Stafne is a third-generation lawyer.  He graduated from De Pauw University summa cum laude in 1971.  As a freshman he was a recipient of the Taylor Scholarship Award.    Mr. Stafne graduated fourth in his class from the University of Iowa Law School in 1974.  Mr. Stafne was the recipient of the Phi Delta Phi scholarship award for that year.

Mr. Stafne started his law career practicing labor, employment discrimination, and class action law in a firm in Indianapolis that primarily represented corporate defendants.  In 1976 Stafne left Baker and Daniels and moved to Washington State to obtain a Masters of Law degree from the University of Washington in Law and Marine Affairs.

After obtaining his Masters of Law degree Mr. Stafne joined with Sarah Hemphill to found the Stafne and Hemphill law firm.  Stafne and Hemphill represented a number of fisherman groups, processors, and other with regard to the Magnuson Fishery Conservation Act, which was enacted in law in 1976.  Ms. Hempel later left the firm to work in private industry and Mr. Stafne went on to continue his work in the law establishing Stafne Law Firm in Arlington, Washington.

Mr. Stafne has been involved over the course of his career in many large cases, battling with large corporations and the government to ensure individual rights are protected.  He has litigated and lobbied on behalf of many clients and causes throughout his long career.  His expertise in the area of foreclosure has earned him the title “the peoples lawyer” and he is the founder of Stafne Law Advocacy and Consulting which provides full spectrum representation and advocacy.

Mr. Stafne was appointed Church Advocate by the Board of Directors in 2015 to 5 year term.


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