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9 months ago

A local farmer saw a big hole in a rock – but what’s inside has astounded the whole world! ✨

9 months ago
Evicted: How the Banks Colonized US

We present the second trailer...

Don't be angry with us. Do you know how many people would normally be working on a movie this big? We've got three people. Meanwhile we've also been working on ... See more

10 months ago
Wings of Encouragement

Leading Drug Rehabs 1.800.815.6308
Visit us @ WingsofEncouragement.org

10 months ago
Our Planet

75% of our coral reefs are expected to die by 2050. But this process could save them. #EarthDay

11 months ago
Video: Florida judge berates woman in wheelchair who dies days later

When will it end?

A Florida judge has been banned from the bench in advance of her planned June 30 retirement after berating a woman struggling to breathe while in a wheelchair.

11 months ago
Stafne Law Advocacy & Consulting

California argues that once a state government creates tyranny the constitution provides federal courts are powerless to enforce its mandates.

Is that really what our founders ... See more

11 months ago
Humankind Stories

His nurse knew how little time he had left. She also knew he wasn’t done living.

11 months ago

Fight for our rights!

Hey bro,
I get it…
People are like doors, windows, passages …
Cars, trains, and planes…
We participate in each other’s journeys
Through eternity.
Each of us is a ... See more

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