3 years ago

A local farmer saw a big hole in a rock – but what’s inside has astounded the whole world! ✨

3 years ago
Evicted: How the Banks Colonized US

We present the second trailer...

Don't be angry with us. Do you know how many people would normally be working on a movie this big? We've got three people. Meanwhile we've also been working on ... See more

3 years ago
Wings of Encouragement

Leading Drug Rehabs 1.800.815.6308
Visit us @ WingsofEncouragement.org

3 years ago
Our Planet

75% of our coral reefs are expected to die by 2050. But this process could save them. #EarthDay

3 years ago
Video: Florida judge berates woman in wheelchair who dies days later

When will it end?

A Florida judge has been banned from the bench in advance of her planned June 30 retirement after berating a woman struggling to breathe while in a wheelchair.

3 years ago
Stafne Law Advocacy & Consulting

California argues that once a state government creates tyranny the constitution provides federal courts are powerless to enforce its mandates.

Is that really what our founders ... See more

3 years ago
Humankind Stories

His nurse knew how little time he had left. She also knew he wasn’t done living.

3 years ago

Fight for our rights!

Hey bro,
I get it…
People are like doors, windows, passages …
Cars, trains, and planes…
We participate in each other’s journeys
Through eternity.
Each of us is a ... See more

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