Mission Statement


The mission of “Church Of the Gardens” is:

1) to proclaim the truth about God as we understand it;
2) to promote personal growth and development by applying principles of gardening to life;
3) to promote use of resources for creation and healing;
4) to minister to and protect those in need such as the hungry, the sick, the poor, the homeless, the indebted, the enslaved, the vulnerable, and all others who are unfairly prevented from exercising their inalienable God-given natural rights;
5) to harvest and distribute natural and organic foods and treatments for the benefit of all;
6) to promote social, spiritual, and economic opportunity worldwide;
7) to affiliate with other churches and faith based organizations to promote truth;
8) to train, develop, and support leaders in our communities, nations, and world as called for in our beliefs;
9) to demonstrate, using words only when necessary, our beliefs worldwide;
10) to act consistently with these beliefs privately and publicly;
11) to engage in activities necessary for the accomplishment of the mission.
12) to oppose all, which by design or through corruption, are inimical to the church’s mission;

As a part of its mission the Church of the Gardens, through its members, will engage in free speech, free assembly, free exercise of religion
to promote religious, spiritual, social, and political strategies through worship and education of people, governments, and institutions.