Remembering Todd Martin Stafne

Todd Martin Stafne


“…In between words, in between thoughts, in between the cracks, navigating is best met with non-resistance and whispers . . . the web of nowhere will not respond favorably to surrender nor to gross movements . . . imagine a sign SPATIAL DISTORTION: DO NOT SHOUT NOR BE PASSIVE! . . . Free falling is outside or between the realms of existence . . . it is real and assumes many meanings which may not represent our understanding or beliefs . . . heightened acute awareness which may or may not be existential . . . having slipped between the worlds there is a blessing of a sort, and a partial return may be possible, depending upon the aperture of our minds, we swim constantly in  infinite possibilities . . .but HUMAN beings want control . . . loss of control makes us feel vulnerable, but this is a double edge comfort zone . . . we dwell in a zone between real and illusion most of the time . . . it is as if in this information age a funnel is stuck into our heads and we all suffer from intellectual indigestion.”  ~ Todd Martin Stafne 2009


Todd Martin Stafne, passed away in his home in Bellevue on Tuesday, April 11, 2017. Todd was born in Davenport, Iowa, the second son of Albert and Frances Stafne.

Todd developed an interest in geopolitics early in his life. Graduated with a Masters Degree from Thunderbird International Business School in Arizona. Shortly after graduation, Todd worked in various countries in South America, became bi-lingual in Spanish. He developed manufacturing facilities for several US pharmaceutical companies in Panama and Chile.

Workers loved him. Instead of packing toiletries and clothes when he traveled, he loaded his luggage with books and magazines to teach his workers about the world outside their countries. He was devoted to learning and inspired his workers to do the same.

Todd’s interest in other cultures spurred him on to travel to other parts of the world as well. Lack of the language did not deter him from developing friendships. To hear him communicate with total strangers was amazing. They seemed to understand each other without speaking each other’s languages. His sincerity and gentle nature touched them.

Todd had inexhaustible energy. When he committed himself to completing whatever he set out to do, his focus was riveting. Whether negotiating contracts with government employees, working with contractors, or devoting himself to hard work, he woke up every morning raring to go.

Todd was a dear friend to many of us. Often, Todd literally took the shirt off his back to help someone. Those people, who are now his best friends forever, love our dear, dear Todd with all their hearts.

Todd is missed by his loving, devoted wife, Mayumi, his brother, Scott, his many friends all over the world, and his family in Minnesota.