Spiritual Synchronicity

Church of the Gardens is a non-traditional, “Alternative” or “Augmenting” church. We are an organization of caring, spiritually-based, prayerful people helping one another and people in need within our local neighborhoods and communities.

Church of the Gardens invites all people of all nationalities, race, color, creeds, Christian or non-Christian and is a place for diversity to flourish in shared harmony around the common ideals and desires of all mankind.  Everyone is welcome to be a member.

We also invite all churches, synagogues, temples, and mosques to join and affiliate in a manner that reflects care for common humanity and in a manner that will better serve those in need from any and all faiths – including agnostic and non-believers whom we are also called to serve.


Church of the Gardens is a 508(c)(1)(a) non-profit members-driven organization. Its work is accomplished mostly through dedicated volunteers who give of their personal time and energy as part of a desire to “give something back to their community.” Income is derived mainly from donations and fund raising .   A few service and educational offerings are also provided at low cost to members and to those who come to COTG for help.  COTG maintains a very low overhead in a shared office space.

Would you like to help?